Manex Consulting received a perfect 100 total score for the most recent quarter, our highest ever and the highest available score.

One of the key indicators of client satisfaction is the Net Promotor Score.   The Manex Net Promoter Score reflected 92.1% of clients would recommend Manex to another Manufacturer.

During Q2 2017, Manex client roster of manufacturing companies in Northern California reflected the following financial and strategic impacts:

  • New Sales $47.4 Million
  • Retained Sales $185.4 Million
  • Jobs Created and Retained: 1,883
  • New Investment $94.3 Million
  • Cost Savings $19.7 Million
  • Improved Competitiveness 81.8%

Survey Purpose 

Since 1996, NIST MEP has sponsored a national survey of Manex and other MEP Center clients by independent survey experts. The survey asks clients to report on the business impact of the services provided by their local center. NIST MEP surveys clients for two primary purposes:

  • Collect aggregate information on program performance indicators to report to various stakeholders on program performance. The survey provides information about the quantifiable impacts clients attribute to the services provided by MEP Centers. NIST MEP also conducts other episodic studies to evaluate the system’s impact that corroborate and complement the survey results.
  • Provide center-specific program performance and impact information for center use. Centers use this information to communicate results to their own stakeholders at both the state and federal level. Center management and NIST MEP use these results to evaluate center performance and effectiveness. The MEP review process places a strong emphasis on a center’s ability to demonstrate impacts based on the survey results.

The survey results also provide MEP Centers with a tool to measure their center’s performance and effectiveness as well as benchmark their performance against other centers and performance standards. In addition, the data allows NIST MEP to gauge the impact of the national MEP system on America’s small manufacturers and its impact on the national and regional economies.

Survey Method

Fors Marsh Group, LLC conducts the NIST MEP client survey.  Fors Marsh Group, LLC is an Arlington, VA-based applied research firm.  The company has experience both in market research and surveying with a specialization in dealing with small manufacturers.

While clients are selected based on when a project was completed with a center, the survey is client-based rather than project-based.  Clients can be surveyed multiple times for one project at the MEP Center’s discretion.  The intent for these multiple surveys is to capture impacts that may take multiple years to come to fruition, with emphasis on growth and innovation projects.

Click here for a full report on the survey results. 

The Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), is a nationwide Network of Centers that helps manufacturers maximize their potential and grow their businesses. Since its inception in 1988, manufacturers have employed the resources of the MEP network to generate significant bottom-line efficiencies through the employment of innovation techniques and other productivity improvement tools.   Manex, a MEP partner network in California provides next generation services to help companies boost top-line growth through lean manufacturing, leadership, food safety, workforce training, strategy and market development.   To protect risk in a global threat environment Manex also provides cybersecurity consulting and monitoring.