Two-thirds of executives have not received any outside advice on their leadership skills, and yet almost all would be receptive to suggestions from a coach (according to a survey by Stanford University and The Miles Group that asked 200 CEOs, board directors, and other senior executives about how they receive and view leadership advice). When asked about the survey results by the Harvard Business Review, the authors said they “were very surprised to learn the low percentage of CEOs who have coaches. The key takeaway for CEOs and boards is that seeking out a coach or advisor is not a sign of a fundamental problem or weakness, but instead a key attribute of being a superior leader. For boards and other stakeholders, they should understand that it could help make the difference between a good organization and a visionary one.”

Our Approach

Manex focuses on building an achievable and sustainable plan for a three to five-year period including projections, strategy, and tactics to get there in addition to building a solid mission, vision, and set of values. We work directly with the C-suite and key division heads in teaching leadership, strategy development, and execution.

Creating the Right Plan

Build a plan using the below components to increase your profitability.

  • Vision: What do you want?
  • Action: What do you have to do?
  • Anticipate: What will get in the way?
  • Measure: How do you hold yourself accountable?

Making the Right Decisions

Focus on three to four decisions that really matter and keep in mind the following:

  • Pareto Principle: Focus on the vital few and ignore the trivial many.
  • The vital few must be measurable.
  • Identifying the decisions that matter is a process, not an event.
  • Less will mean more to the engaged and successful executive.

Typical Deliverables

The Right Approach

Manex consultants will provide assistance and guidance to:

  • Execute your plan
  • Understand what drives sales performance within your industry and implement it
  • Build a results-oriented culture
  • Resolve conflict
  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop networking and presentation skills
  • Help you lead from the front
  • Hire the right talent
  • Make staff changes – the hard choices
  • Create value in your business
  • Stay accountable
  • Think big

How do I get started?

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Manex at 925-807-5100 or email bizdev@manexconsulting.com.

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