Financial Benchmarking in Business

Financial benchmarking in business is an important tool for measuring your company’s performance against both industry standards and your own competitors. Benchmarks can be used to help you set goals to improve your business value, drive more free cash flow, or plan your succession.

Manex can prepare a Financial Benchmarking Report to help you monitor your company’s progress and track your results over time. By comparing your performance with the industry benchmarks, you can see how your business stacks up, and where you need to improve or innovate.

Our Process

Manex provides a comprehensive business benchmarking process that will review your company’s financials over the past 3 years, including your profit and loss (P&L) data and balance sheet metrics. We will measure your performance against your industry’s 3 year benchmark averages, to identify areas that are ready for optimization.

Manex has access to industry data including:

U.S. Data

  • Total Industry Revenue
  • Revenue by Company
  • Revenue per Employee
  • Wages
  • Profit Margin
  • G&A/R&D
  • Cost Structures (including utilities)

California Data

  • Total Industry Revenue Within California
  • Growth Rate
  • Employment
  • Wages

In addition, Manex has partnered with IBIS World Reports through the NIST MEP Program to provide solid analyst generated reporting on US Based Manufacturing Companies and Industries.

Founded in 1971, IBISWorld provides trusted industry research on thousands of industries worldwide. Our in-house analysts leverage economic, demographic and market data, then add analytical and forward-looking insight, to help organizations of all types make better business decisions. IBIS is a truly global company with over 400 employees in 6 offices around the world: New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, London, Frankfurt and Beijing.

Manex will also provide an industry overview the will include the following:

  • Industry SWOT
  • Products and Services Segmentation
  • Performance Data Historical and Projected
  • Key Buying Industries
  • Key Selling Industries
  • Demand Determinants
  • Major Markets Segmentation
  • Performance and Locations by State
  • Barriers to Entry
  • Major Companies (if applicable)
  • Market Share
  • Industry Revenue
  • Profit Margin
  • Regulation and Policy (if available)

Talk to Our Expert.

    What is Benchmarking in Business?

    Business benchmarking consists of metrics or indicators that represent the average or best performance of a group of businesses in a specific sector or market. They can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses, identify opportunities and threats, and set realistic and achievable goals.

    Why is Benchmarking Important

    Why is Benchmarking Important?

    Benchmarking in business can be extremely useful for determining areas of your business where your operations can be improved. It allows you to see exactly how you stack up against other businesses in your industry, so you can strategize ways to close the gap between your performance and industry leaders. Business benchmarking metrics act like a health check for your business – allowing your management team to do things like adjust their costs and their pricing to meet or exceed averages in profitability.

    Benefits of Benchmarking

    A major benefit of business benchmarking is the impact it can have on your ability to secure financing. Your company benchmarking data can be used by lenders to measure your business’s performance against the overall performance of your industry. A strong performance rating can dramatically increase your chances of receiving the funding you need.

    Company benchmarking is also useful in setting your own annual performance goals. When you regularly benchmark against the rest of your industry, you can use that data to track your performance and gain a clearer picture of your company’s overall health.

    Why Choose Manex for Business Benchmarking?

    Manex has been helping manufacturing companies in Northern California transform their businesses through proven strategies like business benchmarking since 1995. We are the most experienced manufacturing consultant in Northern California, working with both small shops and large plants, and everything in between.

    The benefits of benchmarking are clear. After using our services, many of our clients have been able to adjust their costs and their pricing to meet or exceed averages in profitability, and close the gap on their competitors.

    When you’re ready to use benchmarking to improve your business performance, contact Manex Consulting at 925-807-5100 or email for a consultation.

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