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Training Within Industry (TWI):

Supervisor Training for Manufacturers

Training within industry (TWI) helps you achieve results through frontline leadership. A supervisor’s ability to lead, instruct, improve, focus, and support a productive culture directly impacts company performance. Manex offers TWI for your frontline leaders to develop the skills necessary for your organization to achieve results and delight customers.



Improved Service and Quality



Retention, Morale and Engagement



Recover Capacity, Lower Costs and Grow Sales


Critical supervisor skills include:

  • Job Relations – Achieve results through people by preventing and handling people problems.

  • Job Methods – Improve processes to shorten lead time, reduce cost and improve safety.

  • Job Instruction – Quickly instruct others to do a job safely, conscientiously and with good quality.

  • Improvement & Coaching Kata –Prioritize goal and improvement focus by developing scientific thinking and structured problem solving.

How do I get started?

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