Manex brings the leadership training you need to take your company employees, managers, and leaders to the next level.

A Unique Leadership Model: Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace®

Manex’s very successful Entrepreneurial Workshop Training Series expertly presents your leaders and managers insightful and proven leadership tools to dramatically enhance employee ownership and empowerment within your company.

Dynamic manufacturing organizations know ongoing change and continuous improvement is critical to their success. This leadership workshop series will not only help your employees embrace change—it will teach them how to lead it.

Our leadership training focuses on the skills your leaders and managers will need to create an elevated and very productive quality of environment. They will learn how to greatly enhance communication functionally and cross-functionality. They will gain an understanding of what makes great leaders successful and how to emulate them.

Each workshop is designed to help ensure the participants take what they learn and apply it in the workplace.  Within each workshop, action plans are developed, shared by the participants then executed between workshops.

This powerful methodology helps the participants build their leadership skills culminating with the “Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace®” workshop.  The participants get the opportunity to lead critical company initiatives with the buy-in and support of the executive team.  Each person becomes part of the solution to help take your company to the next level.

“Creating An Entrepreneurial Workplace® ” Workshop Modules

This is a dynamic workshop that helps create ownership within an organization.  It will not only help you get your team engaged in change, they will learn the tools to be able to drive that change.

Within this workshop, your team will lead key company initiatives, develop and execute action plans while securing leadership buyoff and support.

Your team will understand what it takes to create an entrepreneurial environment and overcome potential roadblocks.  They will walk out with a greater feeling of empowerment and ownership as well as knowledge of how to increase teamwork both functionally and cross-functionally.

Within this workshop, your Leaders and Managers will gain a greater understanding about how to have powerful and high impact conversations.  They will learn the art of influencing using some of the tools Michael teaches in his book “Sitting on the Same Side of the Table:  The Art of Collaborative Selling.”

They will learn how to prepare for important and influential conversations along with the 10 Keys to Listening Effectively.  They will learn how to apply Michael’s 4 Step process to help resolve problems and conflicts and develop mutually beneficial solutions.

After years of research and feedback, Michael has compiled his list of what he believes are the 12 Attributes and Behaviors of Highly Successful Leaders and Managers.

Within this workshop we will discuss these attributes, learn how to incorporate them and develop action plans to put these attributes and behaviors into practice.  Attendees will understand how these attributes and behaviors help support their team, company goals as well as their own career success.

One of the tremendous challenges is getting our employees to give input critical to both their own success and the company’s success.  Within this workshop, your team will learn how to effectively set the stage, how to listen effectively, and the keys for gathering important employee input.

We will discuss how to do so both formally and informally, the merits of each and how to strategize to make employees comfortable with sharing openly and honestly.

This is the subsequent workshop to Gathering Input based on the philosophy of “Understanding before being understood.”

We will discuss how to give both formal and informal feedback so it is both well received and positive actions result.  We will talk about when and where to give feedback.  We will also discuss and gain an understanding of how to implement “The 10 Keys to Successful Coaching and Feedback.”  We will also cover how to effectively reprimand and have the hard conversation.

This 12 Step Process provides an easy to understand road map to effective delegation.  It helps provide clear delineation between delegation and dumping.

Within this workshop, we will discuss and get a clear understanding of each step.  Participants will put together a delegation plan for one of their staff.

We will talk about how to avoid being too dictatorial or hands on while maintaining control.  We will also discuss how this process is used to develop employees to grow and succeed in their current and future roles.

Most companies don’t have a formal on-boarding plan for First Time Managers.  This causes considerable pain to the company, the staff and the employee that is being promoted.  Frequently high performing individual contributors are put into roles that may not be a fit or they may be ill prepared to handle.

This 10 Step Process provides a very clear and easy to understand methodology to effectively on-board First Time Managers.  It will help you make appropriate promotional decisions and help ensure those being promoted are properly trained to undertake their new role.

This workshop helps prepare organizations for change and how to overcome the inherent roadblocks.  We will discuss the 7 Key Elements to Employee Motivation and where they do and don’t align to the needs of the Employer.  We will talk about how to create alignment so all parties needs are met.

We’ll talk about the 10 Principles of Change Management and how to help facilitate change within your organization.

This course helps the attendees learn how to present with impact and influence while the strengths of their natural style.  Presentation skills will be dramatically improved whether presenting to large groups or in one-on-one conversations.

Within this class, participants will learn a skill, get a chance to practice while being videoed then receive private coaching sessions in a safe environment.

Regardless of skill level, the attendees will see dramatic improvement from their current level from the beginning to end of this workshop.

This workshop came from numerous client requests regarding the frustration of ineffective meetings and too many meetings.

We will focus on the process to run a high impact meeting, how to lead and facilitate those meetings, minimize their time and not waste the time of those at the meeting.

Clients have found after this workshop, meetings not only become dramatically more productive, they have seen up to a 50% reduction in both number of meetings and meeting duration.

We will also address a key presentation for many of us, an inundation of E-Mails as well as verbose and poorly written E-Mails.  We will discuss and set up parameters for how to write productive E-Mails as well as who to include.

This was another client request.  Many people face challenges when it comes to networking, whether that networking is internal or external.

In this workshop, we will discuss how to successfully network, set desired outcomes and goals and learn how to have high impact conversations with those you don’t know or those you want to get to know better.

We’ll discuss how, even if you are introverted by nature, you can network comfortably and productively.

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