Wilkinson Manufacturing is a precision machine shop (metals and plastics) providing product development, prototyping, short-run production and full production services to customers in the building and semiconductor industries.

Operational Process
Cut Labor Costs and
Improve Throughput

Manex used a holistic, systematic approach to identify and implement operational process improvements for a new facility.

Client Business Need

Wilkinson Manufacturing is currently located in a 5500 square foot rented facility and is planning to move to a new 8500 square foot owned facility to provide the opportunity for a more functional layout and room for growth, along with projecting a more professional image to current and prospective customers. An inadequate layout can be highly detrimental to productivity and consequently profitability.

Wilkinson engaged Manex to assist in reaching their objectives for this new facility.


Manex used a holistic, systematic approach to identify and implement operational process improvements.

Key elements included:

  • Optimizing “flow” and work cell layout in the new facility
  • Improving and sustaining workplace organization (5S) at the new site
  • Improving consistency of operations
  • Improving productivity and quality/yield
  • Providing a foundational understanding and initial implementation of lean manufacturing

Results Delivered

This comprehensive approach has led to improved productivity and profitability. Continuous, efficient flow patterns of materials, personnel and information were implemented using consistent and repeatable processes.

Specific results include:

  • Improved collaboration across the manufacturing team
  • 30% improvement in throughput from $2.2 million to $2.6 million
  • 20% reduction in labor costs
  • Workforce development improvements of $44,000.

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