Biotechnology company developing a transformative single-molecule DNA sequencing platform.

Lean Manufacturing
Improves Productivity by 40%

Manex identified Lean Manufacturing as a way to achieve process optimization and operational improvement targets.

Client Business Need

As a high performance Biotech company, PacBio identified Lean Manufacturing as a critical way to achieve their strategic objectives of increasing price performance and overall capabilities in real-time DNA sequencing.

PacBio turned to Manex as a partner to transform their organization using Lean Manufacturing because of Manex’s holistic, collaborative approach, comprehensive Lean knowledge, and in-depth manufacturing expertise.


Manex developed a three-step process designed to achieve PacBio’s aggressive process optimization and operational improvement targets.

This proven technique consisted of the following elements:

  • Teach the Concept (TC) – PacBio’s employees, starting first with the senior executives then progressing on through all levels of personnel, were trained in the concepts of Lean Manufacturing
  • Prove the Concept (PC) – Trainees participated in effective simulation exercises to show how Lean Manufacturing could improve any production environment
  • Implement the Concept (IC) – PacBio’s team members identified opportunities to improve their own production processes, starting with a current state map, followed by a future state map, then moving forward on the requisite steps to attain the future state

Results Delivered

The implementation of Lean has helped PacBio improve productivity and increase the efficiency of its operations.

Specific results include:

  • Increased productivity by 40% due to 5S implementation
  • Reduced floor space requirements by >50%, eliminating need for new building
  • Doubled throughput in Surface Production
  • Reduced cycle time by 68%
  • Consolidated two “manufacturing areas” into one area while not sustaining any down time
  • Provided comprehensive workforce development through Lean Manufacturing training

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