World-class manufacturer of quality, fluid-applied industrial flooring, waterproof decking, marine decking and decorative concrete overlays.

Operational Excellence
Leads to 24% Sales Growth

With a world-class training program developed by Manex, Crossfield saw the benefits from training within weeks.

Client Business Need

A sharp increase in sales resulted in capacity constraints, as well as challenges in meeting tight customer order timelines. Crossfield needed to increase throughput in two of its west coast facilities, as well as optimize their scheduling and fulfillment processes. The long-term goal was to not only increase their throughput, but to build in enough capacity to increase revenues even further.

The management team turned to Manex to assess the current manufacturing operations and identify opportunities for improvement from order entry through shipping.


Starting with a detailed assessment, which included a review of 12 key business metrics within its peer group, Manex developed a world-class training program to help Crossfield achieve its targets, including the transition to a 100% Lean Manufacturing environment.

With training as the initial set of activities, Manex advised Crossfield in implementing 5S & Visual Factory concepts, revising the flow of materials through its plants, standardizing all production tasks and managing WIP and finished goods. Manex also developed high impact marketing to advise Crossfield’s customers of its new and increased capabilities.

Results Delivered

With the implementation of this comprehensive roadmap, Crossfield is well on its way to achieving operational excellence with significant impact to the company’s top and bottom line. Crossfield saw the benefits from training within weeks, setting the foundation for years of profitable growth.

Specific results include:

  • 24% growth in sales (year over year)
  • 45% reduction in core materials costs
  • 11% improvement in on-time shipments
  • 2 day shorter lead times

Manex can help you achieve cost efficiencies and increased profits for your business.