Factory layout drives operational costs. Lean principles applied to layout are a fundamental for today’s industrial factory.

Adapting quickly and effectively to changing market environments is becoming increasingly important to the success of any manufacturing organization. In the face of shorter product life cycles, higher product variety, unpredictable demand, and shorter delivery times, having manufacturing facilities with poor flows can’t remain competitive.  Poor factory flow also increases breakage, scrap, rework, handling errors, setups, and other operational inefficiencies.  Legacy layouts that “happened” over time, like poor street layouts and messy intersections will jam traffic in cramped cities, existing poor layouts result in imbedded additional cost to your products

However, these challenges can be countered for your existing resources through Plant Layout Optimization. Applying principles of Lean Manufacturing flow leads to increased industrial productivity through reducing waste. Lean Consultants, through their rich experience, will appropriately plan and position processes, materials, machines, equipment, people, manufacturing support functions and facilities to create the most effective factory layout to deliver your products.  Expansions and relocation will also benefit from a Lean Factory Layout analysis before your decisions.

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