Manufacturer of automation systems to enable microsample preparation and analysis for the life sciences.

Implementing Lean Manufacturing
Reduces Costs by 50%

Manex worked closely with team members to uncover opportunities to reduce time and costs as well as provide training in the principles of Lean Manufacturing.

Business Client Need

RapidHIT System is a new approach for a portable, accurate, fast and reliable Human Identification System. The immediate market acceptance of these units was a problem. IntegenX was having difficulty in meeting customer demand due to long processing times, and they also wanted to reduce costs to enter more markets at a lower price point. Although highly successful with developing innovations that make a real difference, the complexity of their products made it difficult for the team to see where operational improvements in process flow and sequencing could be found.


To assist with the company’s cost reduction efforts, Manex provided an experienced team of consultants who worked very closely with the team to uncover areas affecting revenue that needed the most attention. The entire management team completed an intensive “Introduction to Lean Manufacturing with Simulation” program to learn the principles of Lean Manufacturing. The consultants helped the team perform a detailed value stream map to uncover opportunities to reduce time and costs. The team determined where immediate improvements could be made (the low hanging fruit), and set in place action teams and timetables to gain immediate process improvements. These focused “kaizen activities” formed the core for the Continuous Improvement program adopted by IntegenX.

Results Delivered

Working in conjunction with Manex, a “lean manufacturing process” was implemented, and IntegenX was able to reduce manufacturing costs by greater than 50%. In addition, the company has been able toincrease its overall quality of the product produced.

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