Hospital Systems, Inc.

Hospital Systems, Inc. (HSI) is a third-generation company with a 160-year family tradition of manufacturing and construction. HSI was started in 1970 and is now not only the oldest headwall manufacturer still in the business, but also the only headwall manufacturer still manufacturing entirely within the USA.

Increased Throughput, Improved Material and Space Management

Client Business Need

After early success, HSI’s growth became stymied by antiquated processes throughout the organization. HSI recognized shortcomings and realized the solution was a movement toward the Lean process but had no internal knowledge to guide the journey.


HSI was able to take advantage of the Small Business Technical Assistance Expansion Program (SBTAEP) that provides funds to help with consulting costs. Manex recommended a series of Kaizens including 5S Methodology in targeted areas including engineering, production, general assembly, and quoting. The Kaizens guided the team to operate more efficiently while improving material flow process, safety, and the team’s Lean knowledge and skills.

Manex also provided calibration and sustainability support to ensure the Kaizen activities were effective.

Results Delivered

As a result of Lean strategies implemented by Manex, HSI continues to align their goals to improve, grow, and support customers.

With increased throughput and better material and space management, HSI expects $450,000 in incremental sales combined with retained sales of more than $700,000 in the coming year.

“With the support of Manex, we have been able to align our company’s goals to improve, grow and support our customers. Manex experts were integral in teaching us how to operate more efficiently utilizing Lean manufacturing tools.”

Becca Teutle, Hospital Systems, Inc. President

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