Manex can help manufacturers tackle the most pressing problems facing the financial side of business. Our expert consultants can assist with managing corporate performance; implementing mission-critical initiatives; assessing strategic opportunities; resolving critical business situations, obstacles, and workflow; and establishing or re-establishing sustainable financial and business performance.

Manex consultants are prepared to support small and medium-sized manufacturing companies with the following financial needs:

Corporate Finance

  • Funding plans; financial strategy and tactical implementation; internal controls
  • Obtaining new loans and equity – bank conventional loans, Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans, Asset-Based Lending (ABL), mezzanine and private equity
  • Financial projections and setting loan covenants
  • Assisting companies < $100m whom often handle day-to-day operations adequately, but at a tipping point “overload” assignments
  • Financial and operational stress; liquidity issues; lender fatigue; helping ‘unbankable’ companies become bankable
  • Finding consultants, part-time or interim roles
  • Turnarounds & restructurings
  • Evaluating, training and coaching personnel (finance, treasury, accounting staff – proactive mode, not reactive)
  • Mergers & acquisitions
    ◊ Accounting for the merger
    ◊ Valuation support
    ◊ Due diligence
    ◊ Structuring
    ◊ Post-integration support

Forward-Looking Planning and Processes

  • Build financial reporting systems that anticipate and call attention to problems
  • Strategic planning
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Forecasting/pro forma financial statements/pipeline
  • Rolling cash flow forecast – 13 to 26 weeks forward
  • Key metrics/business and cash drivers/key ratios
  • Management and flash reports including board reports
  • Liquidity/cash flow/net cash conversion cycle/collections issues
  • Inventory management & reduction
  • Cost reductions
  • Covenant forecasting
  • Asset and balance sheet management
  • Profitability by product or service line/division/customer/locations
  • Coordination with outside tax preparers

Financial Process Improvements

  • Audit preparation & coordination with outside, independent auditors
  • SEC reporting 10-K, 10-Qs, 8-Ks
  • Streamline systems/shorten close process/reduce costs
  • Automate manual systems◊ Consolidations
    ◊ Reconciliations
    ◊ Fixed assets
    ◊ Revenue recognition
    ◊ Inventory tracking and depreciation ◊ Bad debt reserve analysis
    ◊ Sales commission accounting ◊ Sales pipeline management
    ◊ Dashboard for executives

How do I get started?

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