By Gene Russell, President and CEO of Manex Consulting

Communicate your power, capability and commitment to quality through International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Certification. Your customers need to know that your organization’s products and services will consistently meet their specific requirements and needs. With this increased quality-consciousness, a certified quality management system demonstrates your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. ISO Certification is widely used in corporate collateral, websites and at trade shows. It solves major operational and quality issues, while also generating much needed client growth and new revenue.

About ISO

ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, is an independent, non-governmental organization, the members of which are the standards organizations of the 163-member countries. It is the world’s largest developer of voluntary international standards and facilitates world trade by providing common standards between nations. Over twenty thousand standards have been set covering everything from manufactured products and technology to food safety, agriculture and healthcare.

Use of the standards aids in the creation of products and services that are safe, reliable and of good quality. The standards help businesses increase productivity while minimizing errors and waste. By enabling products from different markets to be directly compared, they facilitate companies in entering new markets and assist in the development of global trade on a fair basis. The standards also serve to safeguard consumers and the end-users of products and services, ensuring that certified products conform to the minimum standards set internationally. –

Benefits of ISO Certification

There are various benefits to companies who pursue and complete ISO Certification. By becoming ISO certified, you can:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention with consistency of service and product performance and on-time delivery.
  • Improve your customers’ perception of your organization’s image, culture and performance.
  • Reduce costs with improved productivity and efficiency.
  • Reduce defects and cycle time.
  • Gain global recognition as an organization committed to quality.
  • Facilitate trade in international markets.
  • Improve communications, morale and job satisfaction.

Manex works with companies to complete ISO Certification, which can include ISO 9001, ISO 13485,  ISO 10001 ISO 50001,  ISO/TS 16949, and/or AS 9100.

A robust quality management system based on the ISO Quality Management Standard ensures your customers receive a universal level of quality using the most effective, reliable and efficient best practices. In addition, they gain international certification, businesses report reduced waste, more efficient labor utilization, and increased customer satisfaction.

Manex’s ISO Certification means more than just documenting your systems. Our comprehensive approach leverages industry best practices to help your company achieve the highest level of quality, while our audit process identifies continuous improvement opportunities to enhance performance and customer satisfaction. Our projects average more than 600% ROI – that’s a $6 return for every dollar invested in these activities.

You may also qualify for State of California Employee Training Program (ETP) funds to help offset the cost. Manex is in its 14th year of receiving a multiemployer training contract from ETP California.

Our Approach

We use a collaborative approach to help you achieve your quality system’s certification smoothly and cost-effectively. Our expertise and industry insight support an efficient certification process from start to finish. Moreover, beyond ensuring you meet certification standards, we assist you in growing a quality-conscious culture and establish a management system as a foundation for a sustained quality-focus. This foundation helps reduce nonconformance and variation in work processes, products and services – ultimately enhancing performance and customer satisfaction. Manex’s ISO implementation team is comprised of fully-trained, highly-skilled professionals who are qualified to support and evaluate companies pursuing the ISO Certification.

Our proven process for ISO Certification follows three important guidelines:

  1. Establish Management Understanding and Commitment
  2. Develop and Document a Quality System
  3. Effectively Implement, Improve, and Maintain the System

Steps to Certification

We work with your organization utilizing a well-defined process comprised of the following steps.

  1. ISO Awareness and Management Commitment: Gain management commitment; provide awareness of the ISO quality standard and the meaning of each element.
  2. Analyze Present System and Train Teams: Perform an internal audit and GAP analysis; establish staff roles; train key personnel.
  3. Document the System: Describe the system in writing, as required with manuals, procedures, and instructions; develop document control procedures.
  4. Implement, Review and Revise System: Implement changes based on GAP analysis; review and revise accordingly.
  5. Conduct Pre-Assessment: Study facility, quality management system, records, and documentation to identify any concerns that may interfere with a successful registration audit.
  6. Take Corrective Action: Make required improvements to correct any nonconformance.
  7. Obtain Certification: Working with leading ISO registrars, Manex aids with a successful certification process.
  8. Maintain the System: Implement continual improvements; eliminate inefficient practices; continue to measure quality.


Video Case Study: Watch how Manex helped Bay Area manufacturer GM Associates, Inc. achieve ISO Certification to reduce costs and improve their bottom line.

For more information about our ISO Certification Program or to schedule an appointment, please email or call 877.33.MANEX.