By Walt Tarpley, Vice President of Client Services, Kaizen Specialist

Manufacturers can achieve greater success by focusing on frontline leadership and their skill development

A company’s performance is directly impacted by a supervisor’s ability to lead, instruct, improve, focus, and support a productive company culture.  Training Within Industry (TWI) encompasses supervisor training  for manufacturers. This training helps frontline leaders to build skills needed for a manufacturing company, or any organization, to achieve results and make customers happy.

training supervisors

What are the critical skills a supervisor needs to succeed?

  • Job Relations – Achieve results through people by preventing and handling people problems.
  • Job Methods – Improve processes to shorten lead time, reduce cost and improve safety.
  • Job Instruction – Quickly instruct others to do a job safely, conscientiously and with good quality.
  • Improvement & Coaching Kata – Prioritize goal and improvement focus by developing scientific thinking and structured problem solving.

 Companies can improve learning, speed results, and increase benefits to the business by applying these concepts.

About the Author

Walt Tarpley has over 25 years of extensive manufacturing experience and expertise in general management, manufacturing operations, quality systems, engineering, and continuous improvement initiatives, including Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. As an experienced change agent, he has led numerous process improvement initiatives resulting in top-line and bottom-line growth across a range of industry sectors and geographies, in 40 U.S. states, South Africa, Canada, Caribbean, Europe and the United Kingdom.

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