By Gene Russell, President & CEO of Manex

Manex often acts as a central resource hub to its large base of manufacturing partners and clients. We are not just interested in projects, improvements, and training but in getting you the right information and connections to succeed with local, state and federal resources, universities, labs, and even other like-minded manufacturers. This web of connections looks something like the diagram below.


As a member of the  Manex can offer national Introductions to similar firms in every State.  The NIST MEP program was started in 1998 with at least one center in every state by 1996. The program was started by “market failures” in terms of access to information, technical expertise, and cost hurdles with small and medium-sized manufacturers and producers. The emphasis in each center is on performance, measured based impact of center services on client firms. These are achieved at the workforce level and the leadership level as well. This partnership model between federal, state and industry (clients and partners) has worked well with system-wide non-federal staff estimated at 1,500 highly skilled manufacturing advisors, consultants and trainers.

In addition to our non-profit status, federal backing, Manex also is a long-time multi-employer contractor with the State of California ETP program. This is one of the best workforce tools in the nation, providing qualified firms and workers with training rebates on virtually every service offered by Manex.

Each of the entities in this connection diagram have been long-time partners, and there are more including the new Association of Manufacturers Bay Area, an important association for manufacturing executives in the greater Bay Area.

Let us know how we can help. Manex has been around since 1995 and has deep knowledge of how to survive and thrive from Silicon Valley, the Wine Country, North Bay, San Francisco, East Bay, and Sacramento.