By Gene Russell, Manex President & CEO

Each Manex case study is unique. No one company has the exact same products, plant size, layout, clientele, financials, history, ownership, certifications, culture, style, or philosophies. While the projects we have completed for manufacturers may be focused on sales, lean, kaizen, layout optimization, value stream mapping, food safety, strategy, or leadership and communication, each is genuinely unique.

However, Manex case studies have something important in common. While these case studies share tangible results and return on investment (ROI), that’s not the point. We get results – that is almost a given. What these case studies more importantly have in common are decision makers who took action.  They took the step. They realized that they must make a choice and take a chance to achieve change. Without taking the first step nothing would improve. They realized that without some trusted guidance, training, or even dialogue, their companies, the employees and clients would suffer.

The best leaders realize that change is good. Everyone needs coaching. Even the best of the best. In fact, that is how they got to be the best of the best.

What did our most recent independent third party quarterly client survey reveal about these decision makers – these clients who pulled the trigger?

The manufacturers who enlisted Manex experts:

  • Achieved new sales of $25.5 million
  • Retained sales of $124.9 million
  • Created and retained 1,261 jobs
  • Made new investments of $76.5 million
  • Achieved cost savings of $15.5 million

Plus, 62% of these companies improved their competitiveness.

Excuses are useless, and results are priceless. Pull the trigger and become a Manex success story.