HACCP and Lean Manufacturing

With the changes in federal food safety law, food producers, manufacturers and processors are under a legislated mandate to tighten up their food safety programs. Smaller entities, which had not been required to develop and execute a HACCP plan, now must put a functioning HACCP plan into their process and run it. While some have argued that this is an unwelcome legislative intrusion into private business, as recent events overseas have shown, there is significant exposure to the fallout from reputational damage coming from food safety scares. As of July 2011, the FDA is able to detain food products up to 30 days, to ensure they are kept out of the marketplace. 

  • HACCP: “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” – originally developed by NASA
  • Lean is a systems engineering discipline
  • HACCP is a systems engineering discipline
  • Lean focuses on eliminating non value-added activities
  • HACCP focuses on the specific food safety activities which MUST be performed, excluding unnecessary or repetitive control steps
  • The safety of food is a fundamental component of the food manufacturers’ value proposition and the goal of HACCP
  • Lean is driven by the customer definition of value

 “HACCP and Lean are natural allies. Each requires a holistic, process mentality and a strong focus on the interplay of daily activities in the production plant. Both are data driven and result in product quality being built into the production process.” – Phil Cullen, Manex

 The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 required all food manufacturers, distributors and retailers to have a HACCP-based food safety program in their facility by June of 2012. HACCP is a preventive safety approach, designed to head off food safety hazards before they enter marketed food. HACCP is highly reliant upon Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) to ensure a safe food manufacturing environment.

GMPs for food manufacturing include: Operational Methods, Personnel Practices, Maintenance Practices, Cleaning and Sanitation, Integrated Pest Management and Overall Food Safety Program(s).

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