Manex recently signed its 14th contract with California agencies and received $1 million in Employment Training Panel (ETP) funding to help Northern California manufacturing businesses. Your company can use these ETP funds toward a dozen services and programs Manex has established, including but not limited to:

Why choose Manex?
We offer ETP funding in the Sacramento area down to the San Jose area and all towns and cities in between. All northern California served with our ETP funding programs. Manex holds a contract and funding with the state, so all you need to do is fill out a two-page application and Manex takes care of the rest. Eligibility is determined within 48 hours and ETP funds are available to qualifying companies.

Employers can begin training using ETP funds within one month, while Manex maintains and manages all administrative requirements. Once training is completed, the company receives a rebate to help offset the costs.

Manex projects average more than 600% ROI – that is a $6 return for every dollar invested in these activities.

What is ETP?
Founded in 1982, ETP is a cooperative business-labor program designed to improve the state’s economic competitiveness through state-funded employee training assistance. To date, the ETP program has allocated over $850 million for training to 55,000 businesses and 600,000 employees.

What are the requirements?
Requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturing companies and those facing out-of-state competition
  • Employee turnover rate that is less than 20% annually
  • Trainees must attend all training sessions
  • Trainees must be retained by the company for 90 days after training is completed

Why not take advantage of ETP today?
Call Manex today to discuss how to put ETP dollars to work for you. We can discuss the programs your company can benefit from the most, and how best to take advantage of the funds available.

About the Author 
Michael Shabaka, Ph.D., is the Director of Sales & Innovation for Manex Consulting and strives to connect manufacturers with qualified experts to train employees and improve business operations to achieve breakthrough results in productivity, profitability, and growth. Dr. Shabaka can be reached at 925.807.5100 or

For specific ETP requirements and more details, visit


Manex offers ETP funding in San Francisco. South San Francisco. SF Bay Area. San Francisco Bay Area. San Bruno. Santa Clara. Palo Alto. Redwood City. Daly City. Santa Clara. Concord. San Jose. Fremont. Hayward. San Leandro. Oakland. Berkeley. Alameda. Richmond. Marin. San Rafael. Benicia. American Canyon. Santa Rosa. Napa. Sonoma. Novato. Fairfield. Vacaville. Dixon. Davis. Woodland. Sacramento. West Sacramento. Roseville. Rancho Cordova. El Dorado Hills.