Internal & External Benchmarking

Reduce costs, increase margins, maximize profitability and improve customer satisfaction. Manex’s Benchmark Assessment report provides you with the information needed to set performance targets, quantify opportunities and prioritize improvement projects and activities.

The Benchmark Assessment report provides you with benchmarking data comparing the performance of your company against its peers in 12 key best-in-class metrics. The report also includes improvement targets for your organization, including the associated financial impact (benefit) of the transformation.


The process begins by completing a Competitiveness Review Questionnaire, with questions covering:

Company History

Operating Information

Employee Information

Inventory Levels

Plant Information

Financial Data/Costs

Equipment Utilization


Lead Times Systems

Quality Systems

Manex then analyzes your responses to generate an initial Benchmark Assessment report. The report provides you with data showing where your company ranks (on a percentile basis) on 12 key metrics in comparison to best-in-class companies in your industry. The Benchmark Assessment then automatically sets improvement targets for your organization, which can be adjusted after your initial review.

Once you have established the final targets, the Benchmark Assessment calculates the potential one-time and recurring annual financial benefits of reaching those targets. Our projects average more than 600% ROI – that’s a $6 return for every dollar invested in these activities.


In your customized report, you will learn:

• How your cost structure compares to your competitor

• Profitability data of companies in your sector

• Areas where your business can improve performance to achieve best-in-class results

How do I get started?

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