Provides precision machining and product assembly and finishing, for the medical, solar, semi-conductor, engineering, automobile and high-tech industries spanning the globe.

ERP Implementation and
Increase Sales
by $300,000

Manex implemented and provided training assistance for new ERP and production scheduling systems, along with an employee training program to meet customers’ needs.

Business Client Need

In 2014, A1 Jay’s requested implementation and training assistance for their new ERP and production scheduling systems.  With customers requesting less lead time and even further cost reductions than in the past, A1 Jay’s decided that an improved ERP and production scheduling implementation and employee training program would allow them to meet and in many cases exceed their customer’s needs.


Manex was specifically chosen for this program because of their depth of experience and strong Third Party Affiliate network that was used to lead this program.  Manex created a training needs matrix by department and training was provided to the affected team members.  Production scheduling needs were analyzed and coordination of the various plants was needed as many of the products passed through all three core competencies during the manufacturing process.

ERP implementation for A1 Jay’s Machining and Inotech Laser

  • Define Order Entry Module needs / training
  • Define Production Module needs / training
  • Define Quote Module needs / training
  • Define Accounting Module needs / training

Implementation of ERP systems companywide

  • Goal 100% conversion from manual to automated process in 90 days

Production Planning and scheduling training for A1 Jay’s Machining to improve On Time Delivery to 97%

Results Delivered

The ERP implementation and training were successful and Manex helped A1 Jay’s realize an increase in sales, reduced lead times and improved productivity.

  • Increase in sales by $300,000
  • Retained headcount of 85 employees
  • Cost savings realized of $82,000

A1 Jay’s will continue to improve their business operations with the follow up program for ISO 13485 that will allow A1 Jay’s to service customers in the medical device industry.

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