BAYCABLE designs and manufactures custom cable, coil cords, cable assemblies and
electro-mechanical assemblies.

Communication & Processes

Manex led the BAYCABLE team through its leadership model: Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace.

Business Client Need

BAYCABLE was having a hard time finding good talent. They decided the best way to meet their needs was to train their current team and enlist Manex to help them create an entrepreneurial workplace.


Manex presented its Leadership Training series “How to Create an Entrepreneurial Workplace” to BAYCABLE’s management team and they decided to proceed with this program. The format for the initial program was to spread this approach throughout the entire company.

For example, a team of front line staff developed a procedure for checking in and checking out tools. The team met with coworkers to discuss the benefits of adhering to the new process and walked them through the details.

The team that developed the process shared their results at the next workshop. They were very excited and enthusiastic to share that since the rollout of their process, 100% of all tools had been checked in and checked out properly and they knew exactly where all the tools were at all times.

Results Delivered

Specific results include:

  • Enhanced communication, culture and processes throughout the organization
  • Employees took ownership and were motivated to continue improvement efforts
  • Reduced number of engineering change orders
  • Improved production lead time

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