Manufacturer of custom labels with focus on wineries and specialty food manufacturers.

Reduced End-of-Month Closing
From 15 to 5 Days

Manex led the management team through an intensive, five-year strategic planning program using the OGSMT Management Process.

Business Client Need

Vintage 99 was motivated by market pressures to reduce their median order entry lead times, create a focused plan for top line sales growth, and align the manufacturing and supporting staff at both locations to support the top-level goals of the company.


Manex implemented three new programs: Strategic Planning using the objectives, goals, strategies, measures and tactics (OGSMT) format; Leadership Training using the “How to Create an Entrepreneurial Workplace” series; and Kaizen events to continue to improve factory efficiencies, improve quality and reduce time to market.

To ensure that all departments were aligned, Manex led their management team through an intensive, five-year strategic planning program using the OGSMT Management Process:

  • Objective: Mission and vision statements along with sales revenue and profitability targets are established for each year.
  • Goal: Top level goals for all departments are established to support the objectives.
  • Strategy: Strategies (what needs to be done to achieve the goals and objectives) are developed for all key departments to ensure everyone in the company is on the same page.
  • Measurement: Key performance indicators let the company know they are on track or not on track for each strategy and tactic deployed.
  • Tactics: Tactics (how the plans will be executed to meet the goals and objectives) are identified.

Results Delivered

Specific results include:

  • Reduced end-of-month closing from 15 days to 5 days
  • New on-site Quality Assurance Manager recruited by Manex
  • Sales Strategy developed across product lines, by customer and in-growth areas
  • Established formal Root Cause Corrective Action Program to improve outgoing quality and speed time to market
  • Metrics were established with each department manager to support their individual department goals, as well as the top-level company goals
  • Developed system to regularly review metrics in team management meetings

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