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Increases 100% 
Improvement Initiatives

Manex helped to identify and implement operational improvements in its product line and packaging areas, while also providing comprehensive employee training.

Client Business Need

Galaxy’s rapid and continuing growth resulted in a move to a new production facility. The executive team was interested in implementing continuous improvement initiatives as a precursor to its anticipated expansion in the new facility, as well as a foundation for employee knowledge and skills to drive its continued growth and profitability.

More specifically, Galaxy wanted to explore operational improvement opportunities in its croissant line and packaging areas. Manex was asked to assist with identifying and implementing those opportunities, while concurrently providing comprehensive training of Galaxy employees.


Manex used a proven, tailored approach designed to maximize production efficiency and quality, and to involve production personnel to the greatest extent possible in order to transfer knowledge and enable continuous improvement.

The team focused specifically on the existing croissant line and existing packaging area/team to drive high-impact results, within these two critically important areas.

Galaxy Desserts’ tailored approach included:

  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Initial Implementation and “Tuning”
  • Follow-up
  • Workforce Development Support

Results Delivered

As a result of these continuous improvement initiatives, Galaxy Desserts dramatically increased production levels within the croissant line. With improved operational flow and production personnel fully trained, the Galaxy team can more effectively meet their profitability and growth objectives.

Specific results include:

  • Improved flow with new layout
  • Increased throughput by 100%
  • Reduced per unit cost by 20%

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