611, 2015

Single Management System (SMS)

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Single Management System (SMS) SMS is a secure cloud based management tool that allows an organization to control and monitor any process. SMS allows management to monitor its operations and production activities by generating automatic

202, 2015

B2B Platform Announcement

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Manex (Northern California’s MEP) SFMade (a regional public-private partnership) and BriteHub (a private technology company) are implementing a powerful new design-manufacturing collaboration and sourcing platform that will catalyze regional product design/innovation, connect new product demand

1901, 2015

Lean Manufacturing

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With relentless pressures to provide more value to customers, reduce costs and increase sales, companies across a wide range of industries are embracing Lean Manufacturing.  Lean Manufacturing processes can revolutionize the way that companies deliver

1401, 2015

Food Safety GMPs for HACCP

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HACCP and Lean Manufacturing With the changes in federal food safety law, food producers, manufacturers and processors are under a legislated mandate to tighten up their food safety programs. Smaller entities, which had not been

801, 2015

Operational Assessment

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To boost productivity and maximize efficiency, organizations need to create and implement customized business strategies that focus on achieving profitable results.  Manex’s Operational Assessment utilizes a structured, tailored approach to give you a clear picture